Proof Is In The Pork

After hours of slow cooking, you can tell genuine Pit Bar-B-QUE by the smokering and the pink reddish color in the ribs, pork, beef, turkey and chicken. Itscaused by the smoke from our hickory wood fired smokers and over a decade ofserving fine southern Bar-B-QUE.

More than BBQ

Bones is more than just a BBQ joint; we pride ourselves on being an authentic American Smokehouse. All of our meats are smoked daily in house with locally sourced hickory wood. We start with the highest quality meat, pay great attention to detail in the preparation and smoking process. We hand pull the pork just before it is delivered to your table. Our Texas Style Brisket and ST Louis style ribs are hand trimmed to ensure quality. Try one of our Friday Night dinner specials like Smoked Prime Rib or Smoked Chicken Pasta for a one of a kind taste sensation. Give one of our classic Southern Favorites like chicken pot pie, smokehouse chili, smoked chicken enchiladas or chicken salad a try to discover what a delightful twist a little smoke adds to traditional favorites.


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In The Know

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